Cardboard boxes are currently the most widely used type of outer packaging. They facilitate logistics and together with internal protective elements such as screens, panels, fixation etc. they protect the product during handling and storage.

Cardboard boxes

We manufacture cardboard boxes for a specific applications. Our designers will suggest not only a suitable cardboard box, but also a system of internal fixation.Polystyrene and cardboard

Advantages of cardboard boxes:

  • very wide range of sizes and types
  • low weight
  • good protective properties
  • excellent storage stability of empties

Materials used:

  • three / five / seven-layer cardboard with various wave combinations

Types:Cardborad with fixation

  • flap boxes
  • boxes with separate lid
  • enclosures, pallet boxes


  • Special cutouts (handles, eyeholes)
  • colour design
  • surface finish (anti-corrosion, greaseproof, etc.)
  • marking of boxes with stickers, printing or document pouch
  • complementary screens, grids, fixation of different materials

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