Polyolefin heat shrinkable foils Cryovac and OPTI provide a unique appearance of the packaged goods. Due to their exceptional strength, elasticity and shape memory effect they are suitable for protection and packaging of grouped products.

Polyolefin Foils

Cryovac HEAT-SHRINKABLE FOILSPolyolefin Foil

  • made of several concurrently extruded layers of 100% polyolefin,
  • packaging of non-food and food products,
  • foil can be equipped with the recycling symbol or custom-printed.

All types of foil are suitable for manual packaging and packaging on semi-automatic and automatic machines.

Characteristics of Cryovac heat-shrinkable foil:

  1. cross-linked molecular structure, which makes it possible to produce an ultra thin foil with excellent resistance to wear
  2. unique manufacturing procedure extends shelf life of packaged goods and preserves aroma and flavour primarily in food products
  3. packaging in ultra-thin foil means material savings, minimum waste, easy recycling and disposal without endangering the environment

Advantages of Cryovac foil:

  • gloss, clarity, transparency,
  • flexibility, resistance to damage and rupture,
  • strength of welds,
  • adaptability for a wide range of shapes and sizes,
  • the foil has anti-mist properties to prevent vapour condensation inside the packaging – the foil remains constantly clear

Examples of the use of packaging:

- household goods and appliances

- books, CDs, toys

- paper, textiles

- cosmetics

- food

Use Type Product Thickness
Roll width (mm) Winding length
Flat regular shape MDT flat 19 100-1760 2000
15 2500
Soft products (PVC replacement) D940 semi-tube 19 205-960 1067
15 1332
11 1777
D940 flat 19 110-1610 2134
15 2667
11 3554
D955 semi-tube 11 1777
D955 semi-tube 25 800
D955 flat 25 1500
Heat-sensitive products ML semi-tube 19 150-675 1000
15 1250
ML flat 19 190-1610 2000
15 2500
Heavy products, irregular shape IMPACT semi-tube 24 205-960 100
semi-tube 19 1250
semi-tube 16 1500
IMPACT flat 24 110-1610 2000
flat 19 2500

Easy processing on all machines,

low welding temperatures

ADAPT semi-tube 30 1333

Cryovac® CT foil

mikrovrstvá fólie

New Cryovac® CT foils are versatile polyolefin films for packaging. The unique properties of these foils are achieved by mikrovrstvení technology. Unlike conventional 1-, 3- or 5-layer foils, the Cryovac® CT foils have 25 - 50 separate microlayers. The ability to create a high number of layers allows a significant increase in the mechanical resistance of the foil while improving workability compared to often much thicker foils, which are produced by conventional technologies. Greater resistance means more weight saving on packaging per packaged unit.

Obal roku 2013

Cryovac® CT foil won the award “Package of the Year 2013”.


  • up to 50% packaging material saving
  • excellent optical properties - perfect clarity and reduced cloudiness
  • excellent workability
  • lower costs of transport and storage
  • less frequent exchange of roles on packaging lines
  • environmentally friendly solution


Thickness (µm)


Width (mm)

Reel (m)

Cryovac® CT -302E



155 - 905


Cryovac® CT -303E



155 - 905


Cryovac® CT -304E



155 - 905


HEAT SHRINKABLE FOILS Opti ® 400Shrinkable foil

  • shrinkable foil of Sealed Air Opti® series,
  • films suitable for a multitude of applications,
  • excellent optical properties, high shrinkage and good weld strength, good resistance to tearing,
  • easy to use and preferred option for machines with "L-weld" and side welds,
  • supplied foil thicknesses: 13, 15, 19 µm.

Common applications include products for household use, cosmetics and hygiene products, software, automotive spare parts, frames, paper products and stationery, confectionery, biscuits, etc.


  • polypropylene, biaxially oriented multilayer foil suitable for high-speed packaging machines of "flow-pack" type.
  • excellent clarity and gloss completed with high strength and rigidity of welds,
  • excellent mechanical properties even at temperatures below freezing point and low water vapour permeability coefficient (non-perforated version) - ideal for packaging of frozen foods,
  • supplied foil thicknesses: 13, 15, 19 µm,
  • supplied range includes perforated versions for applications requiring high water vapor permeability coefficient.

Opti ® 320 foil works well on horizontal sealers and machines with "L" or side seam weld.

Common applications include frozen foods and pizza. Perforated versions are used in the food industry for packaging of bread, pastries, fruits and vegetables.


For applications requiring high water vapour permeability coefficient. They are used in the food industry for packaging of pastries, fruits and vegetables.

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