About company

TART is aiming to meet customer requirements for the reliability and quality of deliveries and professional counselling in the field of packaging machines and materials for group, transport, and protective packaging.

TART is a leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials and packaging machines to the Czech Republic and Central European countries. The company´s assortment also includes goods in the field of Sunflex building reflective foils and Cortec anti-corrosion materials.

After its rapid expansion, the company has worked up to one of leading companies in the packaging machines and packaging materials branches. By installing advanced manufacturing equipment the company has obtained sufficient facilities for the effective manufacture of packages. Association with its foreign partner has brought the company access to other advanced technologies in the goods packaging and protection branch.

According to the customer´s request, TART specialists develop the design of the optimal method of packaging, delivery of packaging materials, and complete packaging service.

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TART History

  • 1991 - Foundation of TART
  • 1993 - Commencement of the manufacture of printed packaging tapes
  • 1997 - Commencement of own polyethylene manufacture
  • 1999 - Associating with Sealed Air Corporation, an American multinational company
  • 1999 - Commencement of the manufacture of bubble films
  • 2001 - Foundation of TARTEX, a subsidiary company in Slovakia
  • 2001 - Exports to Austria, Hungary, and Poland
  • 2003 - Obtaining a license and own manufacture of Coretec anti-corrosion materials
  • 2005 - Acquisition of ABEST in Poland
  • 2006 - Foundation of AUTOPACK, a subsidiary company in Romania
  • 2007 - Company´s annual sales exceeded 1 milliard Czech crowns
  • 2008 - Envira Biodegradable Packaging Division established
  • 2010 - foundation of TART Turkey – a subsidiary company in Turkey
  • 2011 - production of expanded polystyrene included in company product portfolio
  • 2012 - production of cardboard included in company product portfolio
  • 2013 - Industrial Export Packaging Division established
  • 2014 - two new logistics centres opened, providing kitting and JIT services
  • 2015 - Abest (PL) and TARTEX (SK) are renamed as TART
  • 2015 - production of wooden packaging begins

Customer Service

As a customer-oriented company, we pay close attention to activities of all our customer service places. We focus our attention especially on fast and effective communication using all means available in combination with the large distribution network. This way, we achieve the ideal combination of uniform order execution and the individual approach to the individual customer´s needs.

Memberships of Organiziation

sybaThe focus of TART,s.r.o. on high expertness and quality of products and services provided is also manifested in our effort to communicate actively and exchange experience with similarly oriented companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

TART is an old member of the SYBA Czech Packaging Association that associates and promotes interests of subjects in the sector of packaging, packages, packaging means, packaging materials, and packaging machines in the Czech Republic.

TART and the European Social Fung

esfTART, s.r.o. devotes itself intensively and systematically to developing the knowledge of the company´s staff.

The manpower is the greatest wealth of a successful and competitive company. And this is one of the main arguments for promoting the education and development of the TART, s.r.o. staff at all levels.

For professional, specific education the company has taken the advantage of a project supported by the state budget and the EC Structural Funds.

Professional Growth of TART, s.r.o. Employees within the Specific Education

Human Resources Development Operational Programme (OP RLZ)
Priority 4: Adaptability and Business
Measure 4.2.: Specific Education
Registration Number: 3.4.2-2/082
Project Duration: September 2006 - April 2008

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TART and European Union

Since its foundation, TART, s.r.o. has been operating actively not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the European territory. To the company´s commercial activity, at the beginning focused on importing and distributing goods from Western and Eastern Europe, own manufacture has been added soon. The company has thus achieved also export potential and commenced to export to European countries. The commercial, legal, and transport conditions of the European Union are no obstacles for us; on the contrary, our capability of cooperating with European suppliers and customers has further improved after some administrative barriers were removed. We intend to intensify our export and import activities within the European Union in order to overstep the company´s local operation limited by the Czech Republic and Slovak´s frontiers and become a fully-qualified partner of companies with the Europe-wide operation.