Celebrating our 30th birthday


In the spring of 1991, which was 30 years ago, TART was founded. During this long period our company has come a long way, it has changed and grown. We've created packaging for millions of products to protect them on their journeys to customers literally around the world.

But one thing has not changed in the 30 years of TART’s history. Our satisfied customers, without whom we would not have come this far, are still the most important thing to us.

Polystyrene boxes


Do you need your goods to stay cool during transport, or even to the contrary, warm? A polystyrene box is the most suitable packaging. It keeps the goods at a constant temperature and, in addition, protects it perfectly. We offer a wide range of standard sizes. If you need something special, do not hesitate to contact us.

Read more Polystyrene

We produce moulded pulp packaging


This year, too, TART has been investing in expanding its range of packaging within its own production. So far, the latest addition is the technology for the production of moulded pulp packaging.

Moulded pulp packaging is great for several reasons. It protects perfectly, it is strong, adaptable and it perfectly absorbs shocks and vibrations. It is also flexible. Moulded pulp packaging can be used to make packaging for almost anything. The packaging is also light, compact and more importantly, compared to other materials, it is more economical. All these features make moulded pulp packaging ideal for electronics, machine or car parts, consumer goods, food and many other products.

moulded pulp packaging

Another great advantage of this packaging is that it meets the strictest environmental requirements. The production is waste-free (including recycling of water). Recycled materials (waste paper, used cartons, technological waste from the production of paper and cardboard, etc.) are used to produce this packaging. The packaging itself is recyclable at the end of its life, or it can biodegrade without leaving an impact on the environment.

Moulded pulp packaging therefore represents a modern and ecological way of packaging with a wide range of applications.

TART Group vs COVID-19


The TART Group was forced to react to the current situation. In addition to other measures leading to the protection of employees' health and the preservation of operations, we have expanded the production program in our plants. At present, in addition to packaging, we are also manufacturing protective equipment, not only for our employees, but also for our business partners, government institutions and hospitals.

TART at FachPack 2019


The FachPack 2019 packaging trade fair, which took place from 24th to 26th September in Nuremberg, was a success. Again, it was confirmed that even these days trade fairs make sense. Within three days a number of people and business partners visited our stand not only from Germany but from all across Europe. Thank you to everyone.

FachPack 2019

Compostable bubble wrap foil


TART is the world's first manufacturer of 100% compostable bubble wrap foil. BUFO Envira® foil is made from ecological bioplast and, after the end of its life, can be broken down by bacteria found in compost into biomass, water and CO2. This process of biological degradation does not put extra strain on the environment.

Find out more about BUFO Envira® on www.tart.eu/en/products/packaging-materials/bubble-foils/

The runner up of Assistant 2018 competition is from TART!


For a business to be good it needs great people! In TART there are professionals in every position. The proof is an award for our colleague Pavla Malá, the "right hand" of the business director, who finished in second place in the hotly contested Assistant 2018 Competition. Congratulations!

Find out more about the competition on www.facebook.com/asistentkaroku/ or on www.asistentkaroku.cz.

TART on FachPack trade fair 2018


From 25 to 27 September, we participated in the largest packaging trade fair in Europe. The trade fair, where more than 1,600 exhibitors presented, attracted 45,000 visitors who really had something to look at. Our stand, where we presented mainly complex packaging, anti-corrosion protection and biodegradable packaging, generated a lot of interest. FachPack 2018 has once again proved that trade fairs make sense.

BUFO Grande - new bubble wrap


BUFO Grande is a specially developed bubble wrap designed mostly for the packaging of on-line shops parcels. It is suitable both for product protection and filling of empty space in boxes and as packaging material for large products (electrical appliances, etc.). Its advantage is that it has three times as much air as compared to conventional bubble wrap. The BUFO Grande bubble wrap thus consumes three times less and saves you the cost and time it takes to pack and also the environment.

(More about BUFO bubble wrap)

Our packaging has set off on a long journey


At the beginning of January, people could see our work on the way between Hradec Králové and Melnik. And it was no small thing! Two pieces of equipment, weighing 110 and 46 tons and measuring 6.3 and 5.7 meters in diameter set off on a journey heading to Iraq's Basra. Our task was to ensure that both pressure vessels were perfectly protected throughout the journey and the packaging did not increase the already bulky equipment. You can see this in the idnes.cz video.

We hold a record for bubble wrap production!


Our October bubble wrap production reached record highs. We produced over 1,700,000 m2 of bubble wrap which is an amount able to cover more than 6,500 tennis courts, and it was definitely not produced to be stored! All the bubble wrap produced has already reached the doors of our customers who know the best way to protect their goods. For more details regarding our bubble wrap see www.tart.eu.

TART fleet in new livery


Clothes make the person! The truck has curtainsides again. We decided to "dress up" our fleet. You can see our trucks with new curtainsides from the end of the holidays. Now you will clearly see what the trucks are carrying.

TART at FachPack 2016


The FachPack 2016 packaging trade fair, which took place from 27th to 29th September in Nuremberg, was a success. Again, it was confirmed that even these days trade fairs make sense. Within three days a number of people and business partners visited our stand not only from Germany but from all across Europe. Thank you to everyone.

New TART´s Corporate Video


One picture is worth a thousand words. And a moving picture is worth even more. Watch this new movie about the Tart company. Go to our YouTube channel or click here

Packaging of the Year 2016


Jubilee tenth prize in the Packaging of the Year 2016 competition was awarded to returnable pallet fixation The great advantage of the FixNet packaging consists in its multiple applicability.

FixNet. This is a unique packaging solution, which securely fixes the stacked products on the pallet, and whose use is very quick and simple (compared to manual packaging into stretch foils). More information and training videos can be found a www.tart.eu/en/products/packaging-materials/fixnet/

FixNetFixNet Cover

A quarter of a century packaged


On Friday June 3, 2016 the 25th anniversary of the TART company establishment was celebrated in the Riviera of Brno. There were nearly 500 of us, not only from the Czech Republic, but we also welcomed colleagues from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Turkey. Food and drinks were delicious, performers extraordinary and atmosphere excellent. Watching this short video you will see yourselves that the party turned out well.

Our "Bro" can lift 14 tons


The export packing division has got a powerful helper. We have bought a new fork-lift truck with load capacity of 14 tons that can lift up to 4 metres high. The new fork-lift truck was baptized "Bro" and joined the continously growing "family" of helpers used for packaging and handling large-size products, loading and unloading of containers and other jobs in the export packing division. For more information please see www.zamorskebaleni.cz.

TART and One World


TART company is the partner of One World - international human rights documentary film festival. This year One World is calling upon Czechs to burst out of their protective bubbles, for example, by attending a screening of a documentary film about current topics and the discussion that follows. "We also burst out of our own bubbles while choosing some of the films, whether about Islam, South American migrants or mental illness," says festival director Kulhánková. The symbol of this year's festival is protective bubble wrap, which needs to be removed. For more informations see www.oneworld.cz/2015/

A great wooden packaging


GRANBY BOX - a wooden shipping and storage container with exceptional properties. Unfolded, it hardly takes up any space. Even a small child can fold it easily and quickly. It is stackable even when loaded with one ton (!). And most importantly, it will safely protect your products when travelling around the world. Various sizes, equipment and other adjustments as needed are a matter of course. Check out the video of GRANBY BOXES or contact us directly. More information on GRANBY BOX packaging.

IZB 2014


Company TART has participated at the IZB Fair 2014 for suppliers to the Automotive industry. The IZB was organized by the Wolfsburg and Volkswagen Group. Thank you for visiting our stand.

IZB 2014

MSV Brno 2014


Company TART has participated at the 56th International Engineering Fair 2014. Visitors were interested in our exposition, where were presented the corrosion solutions, as well as in our "packaging show" with protective packaging of military vehicle to MilCorr® foil. Thank you for visiting our stand.

We have won "Obal roku 2014"


We had high hopes of winning two prizes in this year's “Obal roku” awards – co-extruded 8micron stretch foil FLEXPOWER ELIT® for the packaging of pallets and protective, anti-corrosive, heat shrink wrap film MILCORR® 126 WHITE designed for export packaging. Both of these packages won the “Obal roku 2014” award as they represent a real top in their categories.

Flexpower Elit – the elite amongst foil


New in our range. An ultra-thin, multi-layer stretch foil for the efficient and safe packing of your goods. Flexpower Elit foil has excellent strength properties and due to its thinness wrapping pallets will consume far less than when using conventional foil. More about Flexpower Elit stretch foil.

GRANBY BOX - wooden packaging


New in our offer - GRANBY BOX - high quality wooden shipping and storage containers. It is a very flexible packaging, which is applied in many industrial areas. More information in GRANBY BOX section in Packing Materials.

Visit us at FachPAck 2013


FachPack 2013Company TART has been successfully presented at FachPack 2013 exhibition where our stand was visited by many business partners from Germany, Czech Republic and other countries. Once again TART proved to belong among the leaders in its field. Everyone who visited our exhibition stand, thank you.

We won Packaging of the Year 2013


The exhibit ultra-thin shrink film Cryovac CT-301 received an award "Packaging of the Year 2013”' in the national competition on 19th June 2013.

We manufacture cardboard


TART has become the majority owner of company PIERO s.r.o., a manufacturer of packaging from corrugated and plain cardboard.

Thereby we have qualified professionals, high grade facilities and top production technology in the cardboard production.

Polystyren production is operating!


Our company Hita Plast specializing in polystyrene manufacturing has produced 15 million fixations, thereof 11,5 million this year.

More on polystyrene is mentioned in the menu – see Packaging Materials.

MSV Brno 2012 - Thanks


We would like to thank all visitors of our stand, which was focused on protection against corrosion and export packaging.

Packaging of the Year 2012


Bubble foil BUFO® barrier appreciated in national competition "Packaging of the Year 2012". More info about BUFO® barrier find here.

Visit us at the MSV in Brno


Visit us at the International Enineering Fair in Hall V, stand number 83, if you want to get the rust under control. TART will present anticorrosive packaging materials and other protective equipment made by Cortec Corporation. Cortec offers reliable solutions to be applied in many industrial sectors.

TART starred at STYL/KABO


The combination of talent, unconventional materials and charm are combined in the author’s collection „forTART“ created by leading fashion designer Pavel Jevula. The collection was introduced at the TOP STAR DESIGNER 2011 contest at the fashion fair STYL/KABO in Brno.

These models created by Pavel Jevula have the key role in the TART’s advertising campaign named The Art of Packaging. This campaign was designed and implemented by the advertising agency REKLAMA SMĚR PLUS CZ. The collection made a great impression and huge media coverage. Leading Czech models, Eliška Bučková and Renata Langmannová also participated at this fashion show.



New corporate profile


TART celebrates 20th anniversary of its founding. On this occasion we issued a special edition of our corporate profile full of beautiful women and packaging materials. Look. (Models: Pavel Jevula, Petr Kalouda; Photo: KIVA; Design and print: REKLAMA SMĚR PLUS CZ)

Company profile (.pdf)

Envira foils in focus of Czech TV reporters


Southern Moravia has a plenty of manufacturers who think environmentally. TART is one of them. Na jižní Moravě působí celá řada výrobců, kteří myslí na ochranu životního prostředí. TART je jedním z nich. You can see in the reportage of Czech TV.

Recycled Moravia, Week in regions, 13 August 2011

The Art of Packaging


TART launches new campaign named The Art of Packaging. The aim of the campaign is to present a wide range of packaging materials provided by the Company, related services included. The campaign was designed and implemented by the advertising agency REKLAMA SMĚR PLUS CZ.