We produce moulded pulp packaging


This year, too, TART has been investing in expanding its range of packaging within its own production. So far, the latest addition is the technology for the production of moulded pulp packaging.

Moulded pulp packaging is great for several reasons. It protects perfectly, it is strong, adaptable and it perfectly absorbs shocks and vibrations. It is also flexible. Moulded pulp packaging can be used to make packaging for almost anything. The packaging is also light, compact and more importantly, compared to other materials, it is more economical. All these features make moulded pulp packaging ideal for electronics, machine or car parts, consumer goods, food and many other products.

moulded pulp packaging

Another great advantage of this packaging is that it meets the strictest environmental requirements. The production is waste-free (including recycling of water). Recycled materials (waste paper, used cartons, technological waste from the production of paper and cardboard, etc.) are used to produce this packaging. The packaging itself is recyclable at the end of its life, or it can biodegrade without leaving an impact on the environment.

Moulded pulp packaging therefore represents a modern and ecological way of packaging with a wide range of applications.