Cortec products

The primary portfolio of the Cortec system includes anti-corrosion packaging materials that cover the broadest spectrum of needs of the metalworking industry. Our range also includes preservatives, cleaning and degreasing agents, rust removers, anticorrosion additives for water-based or solvent-based liquids, anti-corrosion admixtures to elastomers, metalworking emulsions preventing corrosion, permanent, temporary or transport anti-corrosion coatings and migratory corrosion inhibitors for reinforced concrete structures.

anti-corrosion packaging materials

Packaging Materials

CORTEC offers a comprehensive range of conventional and custom VpCI® (VCI) packaging products suitable for anti-corrosion packagings providing protection against corrosion during storage or transport that meet ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS and MIL U.S. military standards. Ideallysuitable for overseas packaging.





LDPE foil

corrosion inhibitor for protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be supplied in rolls or as sheets, bags, canvases


bubble foil

anti-corrosion foil providing protection also against mechanical damage of product can be supplied in rolls or as sheets, bags, canvases


stretch foil

fixation extendable foil with corrosion inhibitor to protect all metals


anti-corrosive paper

anti-corrosive sulphate wrapping paper providing protection against corrosion for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
can be supplied in rolls or as sheets and bags


barrier foil

barrier metallized heat-sealable foil containing corrosion inhibitors, providing excellent long-term protection against water vapour, corrosive gases and UV radiation


composite foil

easily weldable and heat-shrinkable anti-corrosion composite foil containing a mixture of gaseous corrosion inhibitors, flame retardants and UV filter; excellent protection for outdoor storage and transport overseas


impregnated foams

dimensional series of PU foams impregnated with gaseous corrosion inhibitor for protection of all metals; can be used as flexible packaging or as another carrier of inhibitor inside the package


plastic capsules

exsiccation and subsequent protection with gaseous corrosion inhibitors, plastic capsules with evaporating corrosion inhibitor and breathable membrane suitable especially for protection of electrical equipment

CorPak 1 MUL

permeable bags

permeable bags with corrosion inhibitor, inside a sealed package allow for protection of metallic and non-metallic materials against corrosion for a period of up to 24 months

CorPak tablety


contain gaseous corrosion inhibitors suitable for protection of all metals; they are inserted in small sized boxes, bags and packages


CORTEC preservative systems protect metal surfaces from corrosion attack not only by creating a barrier to prevent access of oxygen and corrosive substances, but also by active involvement of VpCI® (VCI) corrosion inhibitors, which are contained in these formulations. They provide for efficient protection of the external and internal surfaces and mechanical parts during storage, operation and shutdowns. Barrier protection products are water-based, solvent-based or oil-based, and can form many types of protective finishes. By combining these products and VpCI-126 anti-corrosion foil you will achieve a very efficient solution to corrosion protection of material and its packaging.



VpCI-238 Electri Corr

protection of electric devices against corrosion during operation and shutdowns, the product is intended for indoor or outdoor use


preservative based on vegetable oils, perfectly and reliably displaces water from metal surfaces; it is designed for glossy surfaces and surfaces with low roughness, creates a durable film, protects against corrosion and concurrently works as an excellent lubricant


liquid concentrate for indoor use, creates an anti-corrosion environment in containerized transport boxes or crates, suitable to protect the edges of stacks of sheet coils


one of the highest quality coatings that provide corrosion protection for metals that are exposed to demanding outdoor weather conditions, leaves a hard waxy coating resistant to UV radiation


suitable for outdoor use, it leaves a translucent oil film on the surface, which has a self-regeneration capability, provides efficient protection to all kinds of metals requiring long-term preservation of the material, applied as a coating or additive in oils


easily removable anti-corrosion water-based paint that dries to form a tack free rubber surface, provides protection not only against atmospheric corrosion, but also against mechanical damage to the surface during storage and transport


water-based concentrate used as a substitute for oil protection, leaving the surface with a dry transparent water repellent film, a wide range of concentrations of solution provides the flexibility for adjustment in the length of the corrosion protection


temporarily acting water-based paint is the perfect choice for corrosion protection for up to 36 months in indoor conditions or for storage for about 6 months in outdoor applications, leaving a clear and solid dry film on the surface


temporarily acting water-based coating for corrosion protection suitable for the protection of products stored outdoors, leaving a waxed transparent layer on the surface that hardens over time; it is suitable for long-term protection (for up to 5 years)

Powder preservatives

Powder preservatives with CORTEC VpCI® corrosion inhibitors provide protection for enclosed extensive premises. After the application they gradually evaporate and protect against corrosion insides vessels, tanks, piping, etc. for up to 24 months.




water-soluble powder with corrosion inhibitor capable of biodegradation, designed for corrosion protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals


powder with a corrosion inhibitor, designed for corrosion protection of ferrous metals in the dry, suitable as a corrosion protection after hydrostatic testing


water-soluble powder with a corrosion inhibitor, intended for the corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminum in the wet or dry

Cleaning and degreasing agents

Degreasing agents with corrosion inhibitors CORTEC VpCI® will help you to eliminate fast spot formation of surface rust after cleaning of metal surfaces. They contain corrosion inhibitors and after degreasing of the surface, which is prone to rusting, they have the ability to protect metal from corrosion for a period of up to 6 months. The composition of all these preparations was created with regard to the safe and multipurpose use. They are based on water and natural substances and are therefore biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable.




designed for use in demanding industrial and commercial applications suitable for machine parts, tools and tooling, office equipment, worktops and desks, it is biodegradable, having a citrus aroma


cleaner and degreaser designed to remove temporary protective coatings from metal surfaces; it can also be used for removing wax, oil, grease and stubborn contaminants


alkaline cleaning and degreasing agent efficient even at low temperatures; it can provide internal storage corrosion protection for up to six months; meets the requirements of the aviation industry for cleaning and corrosion protection


highly efficient alkaline agent, effectively neutralizes metal surfaces after acid cleaning or pickling, it also acts as corrosion protection for up to six months for products stored in buildings, in the washing bath it is efficient even at low temperatures


Rust removing agents from CORTEC are based on organic chemicals that remove stains and oxides from iron, copper, brass and aluminum. These rust removers replace sharp acid and if the user follows the instructions for use, they are not harmful to human skin.




environmentally friendly and biodegradable organic rust removing agent containing corrosion inhibitors, effective in removing rust and matted layers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, effectively removes rust from steel, iron, copper, brass, chrome and aluminum it is not harmful to human skin and does not harm paints, plastics, or rubber; it is fully organic, 100% biodegradable and does not require special waste disposal; thanks to these characteristics, the product is usable for outdoor applications, where potential contamination would be a problem.


VpCI-422 equivalent supplied as a gel for use on vertical or horizontally suspended surfaces

Anti-corrosion additives and admixtures

This technology of anti-corrosion additives allows for adding corrosion inhibitors in coatings, water treatment agents, plastics, elastomers, adhesives and glues, working fluids, etc. These are mainly inhibitors in paints, oxygen traps, inhibitors for cooling and condensing lines, anti-corrosive admixtures in acid solutions and hot pickling baths, anti-scaling agents, defoamers, sludge dissolving agents in heating systems, solvents etc.

Anti-corrosion additives in water-based liquids

  • additives in paints, cleaning agents or in metalworking liquids
  • additives for boilers, cooling systems and condensing lines
  • additives for water pressure testing (hydrotesting)
  • additives for applications in water containing chlorides
  • additives for acid or alkaline environments

Anti-corrosion additives to other liquids or solids

  • additives in paint matters or in metalworking liquids
  • additives in oils and lubricants
  • additives in fuel systems
  • corrosion inhibitors in thermal insulation
  • anti-corrosive admixture for paper, cardboard, chipboard
  • anti-corrosion additives in plastics, synthetic elastomers and rubber

Metalworking emulsions

  • emulsions for wet tempering of galvanized steel and cold rolled steel
  • emulsions for cutting, grinding, turning
  • emulsions for drawing, stretching, pressing

Anti-corrosion coatings

CORTEC coating agents provide exceptional corrosion protection in extreme outdoor industrial, marine and tropical conditions. The composition of these products with organic corrosion inhibitors greatly exceeds the capabilities of most other coatings.

They can be supplied as:

  • primers, topcoats and universal anti-corrosion coats
  • water-based paints and solvents suitable for outdoor and indoor conditions
  • coatings for immersion applications (sludge tanks, pumps, pipes)
  • coatings for rusty surfaces
  • anti-skid, flame retardant and sound absorbing coatings

Migration corrosion inhibitors in concrete structures

Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) can treat concrete structures, which are subject to corrosion of their reinforcement. MCI® inhibitors are added to the concrete mixture during construction of new structures and during renovation of older buildings.


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