The long-term participation of TART, s.r.o. in the field of packaging, a wide range of machines and materials, a well-coordinated team of skilled specialists, a wide distribution network and proven technical and professional contacts constitute an ideal environment for comprehensive packaging solutions to customer needs.

Complex Packaging

Our staff successfully handle the demanding requirements of consumer, group and the transport packaging of products using returnable and non-returnable packaging supplies. The sectors where this type of packaging is used most frequently are the automotive and electro-technical industries.

All packaging applications originate and are tested in our Design and Engineering Centre, where the combination of various packaging materials creates unique packaging solutions tailor-made to customers' needs.

Within the complex packaging service we offer our customers Just In Time packaging deliveries. As part of this service customers are provided specific packaging when it is needed and in quantities that are needed. The customer saves costs associated with the inventory of unused packages.

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V.I.C.O. System

V.I.C.O.® system (Value Inside Checkpoint Outside) is an integrated system of returnable packages made to measure.

Basic Materials

For the production of consumer, transport and storage packages we use a range of modern and traditional materials. These materials meet the highest demands for protection of products; they can be combined with one another and have a number of specific properties.

Development of Packages

We have our own design centre where a team of top designers develops and tests new solutions.


Plastic boxes are made in a wide variety of designs according to specific customer needs. Combined with other materials, they provide a guaranteed protection of packaged goods. Plastic boxes also allow for easy handling and storage (stacking).


High-cube folding boxes replace the usual steel containers and gitterboxes. They consist of 3 parts: lid, pallet and collapsible protective shell. With their light weight megaboxes provide a high load capacity and rigidity.

Expanded packaging materials

The packages are made by injecting a material into the mould prepared according to customer requirements. It is lightweight packaging with excellent protective properties, washable and fully recyclable. The packages are used as self-supporting frames and boxes or as inserts in outer plastic or cardboard packages.

Fittings and fixtures

Fittings and fixtures serve mainly for fixing of various components in the automotive, electronics and engineering industries. They are used most often in combination with plastic or cardboard box. Welding of foam PE which allows for production of complex designs. This type of packaging is suitable for small and medium-sized batches of products.

Protective self-adhesive foils

Protective foils are attached directly to the protected part of the product and thus prevent it from scratching, soiling or transfer of electrostatic charge. They are most commonly applied to the face of the product. They protect glass, plastic, metal, rare wood, porcelain, etc.

Metal Structures

Metal structures serve as a supporting element to store components during manufacturing or logistic process. They are made according to customer requirements and demands for capacity, handling characteristics and type of the packaged product.

Grids and screens

Grids and screens are used for the fixation and separation of individual pieces of products. They have a folding design or base on the principle of a plastic box with a bottom.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are currently the most widely used type of outer packaging. They facilitate logistics and together with internal protective elements such as screens, panels, fixation etc. they protect the product during handling and storage.

Vacuum formed packaging

This category includes transport and automation containers, pads and spacers. These panels are characterized by high strength and high accuracy, even in semi-complex shape products. Vacuum formed containers are suitable for larger series of products.


Spacers are used as a protective layer between the screens, mostly in boxes and metal and wooden structures. Spacers can be provide with cutouts of 3D fixations for product fastening.

Laminated sacks and bags

We produce laminated packages made of several types of materials. Laminated sacks and bags (lamibags) are most commonly used as scratch protection of products (monitors, screens, PC components etc.) Laminated materials combine the advantages of several types of packaging.

Stitched liners

Stitched liners protect the products against scratches of visible parts. They may be in the form of a sleeve, insert into a box or a separate package.


Pallets significantly facilitate assembly and handling of the products. Besides wood (standard) pallets, we also offer plastic pallets, polystyrene or paper pallets. Pallets can be stacked better, are lighter, washable, durable, etc.


The best proof of the quality of our services and products within the complex packaging division are satisfied long term business partners who continue to cooperate with us:

  • TPCA

And many others ...

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