Plastic boxes are made in a wide variety of designs according to specific customer needs. Combined with other materials, they provide a guaranteed protection of packaged goods. Plastic boxes also allow for easy handling and storage (stacking).


Most commonly used packaging materials:

  • alveolar polypropylene


  • box enclosed on all sides
  • open box with or without a lid
  • box open on one side or on two sides
  • box with top overlay of foil or fabric


open full

PVC - H-rail L-corner
note: AL - rail - on request

PVC sleeve sticker

Screen printing:

  • minimum print size: 70 x 100 mm
  • maximum print size: 1500 x 1000 mm
  • most frequent colours: black, blue, yellow


  • minimum sticker size: 10 x 10 mm (or 5 mm diameter circle)
  • maximum sticker size: 700 x 1000 mm
  • colour printing: unlimited
  • sticker material: paper, foil, fabrics

Box with PVC frame + closed handles Box with grid and lid
box with grid and lid
Box with PVC lid Box with Stratocell fixation
Box with PVC lid Box with Stratocell fixation
Application examples

Joining of walls:

  • folded without heat welding (box is held by stack frame)
  • thermally welded in the form of tabs
  • thermally welded using high frequency welding
  • joining with plastic rivets
  • thermal welding in the corners

Preparation for stacking

  • PVC stacking frame around the perimeter
  • PVC stacking frame cut out at the corners for use of lid
  • Aluminium stacking frame around the perimeter
  • PVC stacking frames only in the corners
  • stackable with stacking feet

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