We have our own design centre where a team of top designers develops and tests new solutions.

Development of Packages

The process of packaging design consists of several consecutive steps:

  1. Each specific project begins with a detailed analysis of the existing or planned product, its production, logistics process (handling, transportation, storage, etc.) and other specific customer requirements.
  2. In cooperation with our design centre optimal design solutions are proposed, on the basis of which packaging prototypes are produced.
  3. These prototypes are subjected to approval by the customer and subsequent practical tests.
  4. If the customer-agreed prototypes are satisfactory they are then introduced into the production process.
  5. Finished packages are supplied in accordance with customer-defined dates and quantities.
  6. Within the service, the use of packaging is constantly monitored, analyzed and perfected.

Important initial assumptions for packaging design:

  • perfect protection against damage during handling and transport
  • optimum protection of sensitive, aesthetic and painted parts
  • long life and durability of packaging
  • reduced costs associated with handling and transportation
  • easy recycling

During the development of transport and storage packaging we use modern materials that meet the highest demands for product protection and are characterized by a number of advantages.