Fittings and fixtures serve mainly for fixing of various components in the automotive, electronics and engineering industries. They are used most often in combination with plastic or cardboard box. Welding of foam PE which allows for production of complex designs. This type of packaging is suitable for small and medium-sized batches of products.

Fittings and fixtures

We produce fittings and fixtures for specific applications. Our designers will suggest not only a fitting but a comprehensive packaging solution.Fittings and fixtures


  • simple shape cutouts
  • shape cutouts for fixing of parts
  • folding fixtures, so-called "ejectors"
  • fittings of two combined materials


  • printing (handling signs, recycling signs, etc.)
  • ESD design
  • anti-corrosion design

Simple fitting Parts fixing
Simple fitting Parts fixing
STC fixation
Antistatic fitting for transporting parts
STC fixation Antistatic fitting

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