V.I.C.O.® system (Value Inside Checkpoint Outside) is an integrated system of returnable packages made to measure.

V.I.C.O. System

Implementation of the V.I.C.O. system provides our customers with a wide range of benefits:

  • vicopackaging material savings
  • time savings during the manufacturing process
  • quick identification
  • high degree of protection of products, reduced risk of damage
  • efficient transportation
  • rational handling
  • elimination of waste
  • certified quality management system ISO 9001:2009
  • implementation of an environmentally friendly approach ISO 14000

V.I.C.O.® System helps to reinforce the logic of your logistics.

The system includes a complete packaging development process:

  • consulting of the current status of transport packaging
  • identification of the customer needs and the needs of its subcontractors
  • proposal of alternative solutions
  • assessment of the appropriateness of alternatives
  • package project processing
  • production of necessary components
  • complex deliveries and after-sales service

Within the V.I.C.O.® system two of our Packaging Solutions were awarded the prize “Packaging of the Year”.