Envira Compostable Bio-Packaging is a natural source of food for soil bacteria. The natural activity of bacteria and the effects of heat and moisture gradually decompose Envira Bio-packages into biomass, water and CO2.

Way of composting ENVIRA packages

Way of composting ENVIRA packagesenvira

Envira compostable packaging can be filled with almost any biological garden and kitchen waste (leaves, grass, weeds, sawdust, hay, straw, husks, shells, residues from fruit and vegetables, coffee, tea, etc.)

Filled bags are covered with compost or interlaced with organic matter in order to accelerate the packaging decomposition.

Within a few weeks, Envira compostable packaging fully decomposes and the resulting compost can be used to enrich the soil.

Compostable packaging

  • Controlled composting

- Ideal conditions in terms of heat and humidity,

- Presence of large quantities of soil bacteria,

- degradation of the packaging is faster (2-6 weeks)

  • Decomposition in open air conditions

- degradation of the package depends on the surrounding environment, on weather and intensity of solar radiation,

- complete decomposition of the package is slower (approximately in the range of 2 - 3 months)

TART and its Envira compostable material divisions are involved in the campaign titled Kompostuj.cz.


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