Sealing machines are the cheapest means of automation in the field of packaging, their contribution in economic terms (return on investment), however, rank among the highest.

Sealing machines replace manual sealing of cardboard boxes with self-adhesive tapes.

Sealing Machines

Sealing machine

Advantages of mechanical sealing are the following:

  • speed of box closing with self-adhesive tape
  • saving of human labour costs
  • possibility of both-sided enclosure simultaneously (upper and lower bonding), no need to pre-seal the bottom flaps
  • process automation possibility (inclusion of the sealing machines into automatic lines)
  • bonding quality and aesthetic level of sealed box

A requirement in the of use of sealing machines is that the glued joint must be in the middle of the flap box. Furthermore, the cardboard box height and width must match the size limits of the sealing machines.

We deliver simple semi-automatic and automatic unattended machines for incorporation in transport and packaging lines. Sealing machines in automated lines are preferably combined with other methods of securing the goods in cardboard boxes, especially with applications of PP strapping tapes or with additional repackaging with PE heat-shrinkable film.

Possibility of delivering consumables - adhesive tapes (transparent, coloured, printed with company logo, with information about supplier, etc.) – is a matter of course.

Sealing machines offer:


Universal, robust, simple semi-automatic sealing machine. Sought for its reliability, ease of operation and maintenance. Best-selling model in the range of the sealing machines.


Sealing machine with automatic adjustment to the size of a cardboard box. It can be operated as a semi-automatic (by an operator) as well as in fully automatic unmanned packaging lines. Suitable for operations with a diverse product mix and with frequent changes of format of the glued cartons.

Sealing machine


Automatic sealing machine with self-closing of cardboard top flaps. Robust, yet simple closing mechanism actuated pneumatically. Suitable for operation with high capacity packaging and for large series of cardboard boxes of the same size.

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