These machines allow for sealing of products with a film and its subsequent shrinkage due to warm air in a hot air chamber or a tunnel. This kind of packaging is used in a wide range of products - stationery, toys, food, cosmetics, etc.

Shrink Wrapping

Advantages of this method of packaging:machines for packing

  • universal use for packaging products from miniature sizes up to objects with the ground plan dimensions of 1300 x 800 mm,
  • possibility of supplying customized machines (non-standard applications for articles that are extremely long or wide),
  • high return on investment compared to traditional methods of packaging,
  • simple operation,
  • for use in various industries (food, printing, paper, group packaging, etc.)
  • used foils: polyolefin, polypropylene, PVC, PE

Types of machines for packing in heat-shrinkable foil

The machines are manufactured in economic design for applications of low and medium output (semi-automatic machines - packaging capacity from 500 to 800 pcs / hour) as well as for applications of high output (automatic machines - capacity up to 2000 pcs / hour, special automatic machines up to 7800 pcs / hour).

Semi-automatic chamber machines

Dibipack 3246 / 4255

Simple and inexpensive, yet versatile chamber semi-automatic machine suitable for smaller batches of products or for group packaging, where the tunnel machine with conveyor cannot be used, such as for packaging of unstable products. It is possible to use all common types of PO foil.

Dibipack 6084 / 85130

A simple universal chamber semi-automatic machine for packing larger objects in smaller batches. It is possible to use all common types of PO foil. The machines are equipped with a programming unit with a memory capable of storing packaging parameters.

machines for packing

Lady Pack IR550 / KLOK550

Robust chamber semi-automatic machines with medium output capacity, in addition to simple set-up and control. Special features for high operator comfort (eliminating heat escaping towards the operator when opening the chamber).

Semi-automatic tunnel machines

Espert 5040 / 7555 / 11580

Tunnel foiling machines of linear type for medium and high capacity packaging. Packing cycle can be set in both semi-automatic and the automatic mode. Suitable for all types of PO foil. The advantage consists in compact machine design (welding part and hot-air tunnel make part of a single whole).

Lady Pack 45 / 65 / 80 / 110

Tunnel foiling machines for medium and high capacity packaging. The design allows for machine operation by one person who both inserts the products in foil and withdraws the wrapped products from the same place. Suitable for all types of PO foil. Compact design, very economical in terms of required space.

Fully automatic machines


Fully automatic tunnel machines with high performance. Welding part and hot-air tunnel section are addressed separately. Possibility of application of PO and PE films, multiple custom modifications of all models. Suitable for integration into fully automated production and packaging lines.

Lady Pack Auto 40 / 60 Unicamachines for packing

Fully automatic compact packaging machine with high packaging capacity. Possibility of integration into fully automated plants or lines, suitable for all types of PO foil. Spatially very economical, easy to operate and maintain. Equipped with programming memory with saving of package parameters.


Top universal automatic machine of the world's leading manufacturer (BVM). Possibility to use all types of films, both PO and PE. Attainable output capacity of up to 150 packs / min. Compacta machines can be modified or supplemented by a variety of extra equipment (handling or labelling). Possibility of integration within fully automatic operations. Programming memory for 100 different types of products.

Machines for group packagingmachine for packing

Ecofard 500 / 700 / 900 / 1250 / AOL

Tunnel machines in a wide range of dimensions for packaging in PE foil. Suitable for the packaging of individual products and product groups for transportation purposes. The machines are manufactured in semi-automatic and fully automatic versions (unattended), with different modes of transport of goods in the process of wrapping cycle. PE foil creates a welding sleeve, this method is therefore called "sleeve wrap".

Ecopac 500 / 650 / 800

Very simple and inexpensive sleeve wrap to work with a single PE foil reel. Suitable for small series of products, mainly for extra protection of products in plastic or cardboard containers.

Autocomp BM / BMS / SP

Sleeve wrap of the world's leading manufacturer (BVM) in line or angular arrangement for packing products into PE foil. It comes in a wide range of semi-automatic versions up to fully automatic lines with a variety of extra equipment. The SP model uses the elastic properties of PE foil, thus allowing firm fixation of product groups without heat shrinkage.

Special-purpose machines

BVM Mailmaster

Special-purpose automatic machine from BVM for high-speed packaging of printed matter without heat shrinkage. Suitable for fully automatic operations, with the option of adding a variety of accessories, especially automatic feeding mechanism. BVM technology guarantees a high level of technical quality and the highest degree of reliability.

BVM Traypacker

Special machine for making cardboard trays, their automatic filling and possibly closing. Designed for inclusion in fully automatic lines, particularly in the canning industry. BVM's technology guarantees maximum reliability and extreme performance of the device. It is usually complemented with sleeve wrap machine type (BM or BMS), which repackages the tray filled with products with PE foil and subsequent thermal shrinkage provides for shaping into a compact package.

Speed Bag EV / Speed Bag H

Simple semi-automatic foiling machines for packaging magazines and printed matter in PE foil, without heat shrinkage. Suitable for small and medium packaging runs.

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