Strapping machines are used in a wide range of applications, from securing cardboard boxes, through various forms of grouping of products up to demanding applications of binding straps for the fixation of goods on a pallet.

Usually the plastic strapping machines use PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyester) straps, which, in most cases can even replace steel strapping.

Strapping Machines

strapping machine

When it is worth to consider the purchase of machines for plastic strapping tape:

  • safe containment of goods in cardboard packaging (protection against unauthorized intrusion)
  • fixation of goods on a palette where it is not possible to use stretch foil (because of the fact that the goods might get wet under the foil)
  • fixation of goods on a palette, where it is necessary to reduce their volume to a maximum extent by compression (cardboard boxes)
  • fixation of goods on pallets of abnormal dimensions or heavy weight (when the palette with goods cannot be placed on the turntable of the wrapping machine or under the wrapping arm)
  • group packaging of printed matter (newspaper bales, stacks of cardboard blanks, etc.)
  • group product packaging, where for economic reasons a heat-shrinkable film cannot be used
  • replacement of steel strapping, e.g. in goods, whose transport reduces the volume (building materials) - steel straps are released

Strapping machines are available in a wide range, from simple and cheap semi-automatic ones up to high-capacity fully automatic devices with the possibility of communication with the surrounding parts of the transport and packaging lines. The basic technical design of strapping packaging machines can be modified according to customers’ demands.

The possibility of delivering consumables - PP and PET plastic straps – is a matter of course.

Our priority is the maximum reliability of the equipment supplied, its long-term durability, readiness of service and spare parts availability. Our suppliers are well-proven global manufacturers.

Portfolio of strapping machines

H-45L Helios

Manual battery-powered strapping machine for strapping of bulky packages or goods on a pallet with PP or PET strapping tape. Invaluable in cases when strapping equipment mobility is required. Ideal in terms of quality/ price ratio.

TP -202

Best selling machine in this category. Economically efficient, yet robust and reliable table strapping machine for strapping cartons (e.g. postal packages) and other items (printed materials, newspaper packaging, etc.). Operationally simple, with no special maintenance requirements. Suitable for small and medium packaging series.

strapping machine

TP-202 MH

A simple semi-automatic machine for horizontal (flat) strapping. Suitable for strapping of goods on pallets with PP tapes. It is produced as mains or battery powered. The machine is mobile, with transport wheels.

TP-202 MV / TP-601MV

Semi-automatic machines for vertical strapping. Possibility to use PP tapes (TP-202MV) and PET tape (TP-601MV). The machines are suitable for smaller series. Possibility of battery power supply (TP-202MVB), the advantage is the mobility of the machines.

TP -6000automatic strapping machine

Simple, robust automatic strapping machine for wide PP strapping tapes. Frame guide allows for convenient use - the operator has both hands free during handling operations. Excellent in terms of ease of use properties at a favourable price. Best selling model amongst frame automatic machines.

TP-601 Tauris

Technically perfect frame automatic machine for wide strapping tapes meeting the requirements of demanding users. The technical characteristics rank this machine at the top of frame automatic machines. Use in applications with higher packaging capacity.

TP - 702 Mercury

Top frame automatic machine with parameters meeting the most stringent requirements (for speed, reliability). Applicable for narrow PP strapping tapes. Suitable for operations with high capacity packaging requirements.

automatic strapping machine

Reisopack 2100

Automatic strapping machine for vertical strapping of pallets with side frame (guide). Suitable for inclusion in automatic conveyor lines. Equipped with a control system, including the possibility to communicate with the surrounding elements of the line. Designed for packaging operations with high capacity.

Reisopack 2200

Robust automatic vertical strapping machine for strapping of pallets with upper frame. Suitable for inclusion in automatic conveyor lines of any type. Equipped with a control system, including the possibility to communicate with the surrounding elements of the line. Designed for packaging operations with high capacity.

Possibility of custom modifications (pressure moulding, custom frames of different sizes).

Reisopack 2900automatic strapping machine

Programmable robust strapping machine for horizontal strapping of pallets. Possibility of integration within fully automatic lines, including communication with the surrounding elements. Designed for high capacity packaging operations. Possibility of non-standard modifications (customization).

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