Our product range includes a wide range of adhesive tapes for various applications. We can offer adhesive tapes for manual and automatic bonding, transparent, coloured and printed, with various kinds of adhesive and carrier. We are the exclusive representative of Müroll quality tapes for the Czech market.

Adhesive Packaging Tapes

Adhesive Packaging Tapes

Basic information about adhesive tapes

  • basic packaging and fixation material in all areas of industry,
  • the carrier is the biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) coated with high quality adhesive,
  • possibility of use even in widely differing temperatures,
  • adhesive packaging tapes in manual and machine winding for packaging lines,
  • possibility of printing adhesive packaging tapes,
  • standard colours of adhesive tape: brown, transparent and white.
  • tapes are fully recyclable,
  • suitable for taping cardboard and plastic boxes, cardboard and plastic packages.

Basic dimensions of packaging adhesive tapes

Width (mm) Winding length (m) Colour Note
19 66 brown, transparent
25 66 brown, transparent
25 50 fibre-reinforced
38 66 brown, transparent
48 66 brown, white transparent
50 100 brown, transparent
48 990 brown, white transparent machine winding
50 50 paper (self-adhesive)
75 66 brown, transparent

Variants of applied tape adhesives

  • ACRYLIC: water-based adhesive. Versatile, achieves fast 100% adhesive effect immediately after application. Its use can be problematic at low temperatures.
  • HOT-MELT: adhesive based on synthetic rubber. Universal, achieves 100% bonding effect with a slight delay after the application. Suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures.
  • SOLVENT: adhesive based on natural rubber with addition of other adhesives. Highly efficient, suitable for demanding bonding - the highest quality.

Printing of adhesive tapes

  • we print on all common types of adhesive tape,
  • printing is suitable for all types of packaging tapes,
  • types of printing: printing on tape, "sandwich" printing (negative on the tape, which is covered with adhesive),
  • cheapest advertising, replaces cardboard printing, possibility to distinguish articles in the transport of packaged goods with different content, sealed shipment in transit.

Humidification Adhesive Tapes

The carrier is the hard paper of sulphate pulp, to which a special adhesive is applied. It is necessary to moisten the tape before use. The most common use of these tapes is taping cartons and boxes. The tapes are available in brown and white, they can be printed (with 2-3 colours) and can be marked.

Width (mm) Length (m) Colour
50 200 brown, white
60 200 brown, white
70 200 brown, white
80 200 brown, white

We can also supply tapes in widths of 25, 36, 40, 48, 75, 96, 100 and 144 mm.

Reinforced Adhesive Tapes

- Polypropylene adhesive tape, reinforced with glass fibres, solid in shear, resistant to abrasion. It is mainly used for palletizing, bundling and bonding and also for bundling heavy or sharp objects.

Width (mm) Winding length (m) Total Thickness (µm) Colour
19 50 140 transparent
25 50 140 transparent
38 50 140 transparent
50 50 140 transparent

Adhesive tapes for sealing bags

  • 9 mm of width, 66 m of winding length
  • colour: white, blue, red, transparent
  • we can also deliver a manual dispenser of this tape for bag sealing

Accessories for adhesive tapes

Manual adhesive tape dispensers

·       Manual adhesive tape dispensers

Use for manual application of BOPP adhesive tape on the bonded surface. Optimum setting of tape unwinding is achieved by a brake that is fitted in the machine.

According to the width of the applied tape we supply two types of machine: setting up to 50 mm and up to 75 mm.

·       Semi-automatic tape humidifier

The use of semi-automatic humidifier Eurotaper EA2 100/220 is the simplest method of applying wetting adhesive tapes. Eurotaper design allows for use of wetting tapes with a sleeve or without sleeve.

The tape length can be set to any required value in the range from 100 to 1000 mm with the option of endless adjustment.

This device has no problem with cutting, T-closing and double T-closing.

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