FixNet® Cover 2.0 is a unique solution designed by TART. This is a returnable and reusable packaging system used for fixation of goods on pallets. It is used primarily in the context of in-process packaging and in the internal logistics. In these cases, the FixNet® Cover 2.0 systems fully replace stretch film.


The FixNet® Cover 2.0 system firmly attaches goods stacked on a pallet and prevents their falling. The FixNet® Cover 2.0 version is intended for packing of less stable pallets and coarser handling because FixNet® Cover 2.0 is fixed to the pallet directly together with the goods.

FixNet Cover 2.0


  • Zero material consumption

  • Multiple use (up to thousands of fixation cycles)

  • Simple and fast pallet wrapping

  • Environmentally friendly solution

  • ROI already after 50 cycles of fixation


  • Quality fabric

  • Firm iron clips

  • Container for various heights of the pallet

  • Possibility of repair or replacement of damaged parts

FixNet® Cover 2.0

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