We produce polyethylene heat shrinkable LDPE foils, which are widely used in many industries for fixation and protection of goods ranging from group to pallet packaging. Suitable for semi-automatic and automatic, consumer and industrial packaging of various goods.

Polyethylene (PE) Foils

We produce PE foil in a wide variety of designs for both machine and manual packing:Polyethylene (PE) Foils

PE oils, tubes, semi-tubes – for packing boxes, bottles, cans

PE pallet bags – fixation of pallet loads - protection against damage, dust and humidity

PE cover foil - overlap of the top of the palette when fixing with stretch film

PE bags, sacks – e.g. for packaging fruits and vegetables, bulk materials, fine products

LDPE Heat-Shrinkable Foil

  • widely used in many industries for fixation and protection of goods from group to pallet packaging,
  • packing of goods of different sizes, irregular and complex shapes (group packaging of beverages, cans, porcelain, furniture).
  • shrinkage in a hot air tunnel or by hot-air gun,
  • bags, sacks, cover foils,
  • clear and coloured designs,
  • UV resistance, lubricity, perforation, antistatic properties, etc.
  • it replaces cardboard boxing (lower cost, simpler packaging process)

Basic dimensions offered


150-2900 mm hose

150-2900 mm foil

150-2900 mm semitube


18 - 250 micron


15-30 kg roll (max. 100 kg) pallet of approx. 500 kg

Advantages of using PE foil:

  • fixes goods,
  • protects against moisture,
  • restricts ingress of dust,
  • prevents mechanical damage,
  • transparency of the foil allows for visual inspection of goods,
  • the foil retains its rigidity and resistance to cracking at food-freezing temperatures (up to -70°C)
  • foils are colourless, odourless and tasteless,
  • they do not contain toxic substances or harmful ingredients,
  • inertness of PE foil is suitable for packaging of foods, chemicals, in permanent construction applications, etc.
  • it can also be used in applications without foil shrinking (interleaving, goods coverage...)

According to the method of use there are various types of produced foil:


for thicknesses of 25-40 micron – thin foils for light packaging


for thicknesses of 25-40 micron - foil suitable for packaging on automatic machines for production of bags and manual packaging machines


for thicknesses of 40 - 80 micron - can be widely used for standard manual and machine packaging


for thicknesses from 80 to 200 micron - suited for large group packaging with increased demands for strength


for thicknesses of 45 - 70 micron - special type for packaging PET bottles and other demanding group applications


for thicknesses of 25-50 micron - highly transparent foil


thin foils for high-performance automatic machines

PE Bags and Sacks

PE Bags and Sacks

  • width: 150 - 1800 mm,
  • length: 200 - 9999 mm,
  • thickness: 25 - 200 micron

In addition to the standard version we also supply special forms of foils and bags:

  • colour design,
  • with protection against UV radiation,
  • with print,
  • with perforation,
  • slipping design with a low friction coefficient,
  • fast-closing bags (outer dimension in cm: 4x6, 6x8, 8x12, 10x15, 12x17, 15x22, 18x25 and 20x30),
  • from recycled material (non-shrinkable, to cover) - width of hoses and semi-tubes 400-1500 mm, foil width from 600 to 1300 mm

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