Polystyrene is a lightweight, durable material suitable for packaging of fragile products and components. Besides standardized packages we also offer the production of polystyrene packaging (fittings) directly in line with customer needs.


TART is also the manufacturer of expanded polystyrene packaging solutions. Expanded polystyrene is a modern packaging material providing a series of benefits and used in a wide range of applications.

Major advantages of polystyrene packaging:Polystyrene

  • consisting of 98% of air
  • compression resistance
  • moisture resistance
  • strength and durability
  • thermal and sound insulation
  • low weight, easy handling
  • shape adaptability
  • no hygiene and environmental risks
  • recyclable
  • cost effective

We offer a wide variety of customized polystyrene shaped pieces and fillings, especially for the following industries:Polystyrene

  • electrical engineering
  • automotive industry
  • production of laboratory equipment
  • building systems
  • food processing
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • manufacture of glass and porcelain
  • logistics
  • consumer goods industry
  • etc.

Standard polystyrene packaging:

Product name inner size (mm) outer size (mm) Qty / packaging
EPS box with lid 340 x 240 x 135 390 x 290 x 185 40 / pallet
EPS box with lid 335 x 270 x 255 445 x 380 x 365 24 / palet
EPS box with lid 355 x 150 x 150 395 x 190 x 180 120 / pallet
EPS box with lid 535 x 335 x 275 595 x 395 x 340 20 / pallet
EPS beer box 6 cans 0,5 l 310 x 250 x 260 85 / pallet
EPS box for glasses 2x0,5 kg / 1xkg glass 200 x 140 x 120 390 / pallet
EPS box for bottle/wine 1 bottle of wine 390 x 110 x 115 273 / pallet
EPS corner quard 75 x 75 x 75 / 20 35 pcs /set
EPS corner quard 100 x 100 x 100 24 pcs/set
EPS protective edges 60 x 60 x 820 / 20 3 pcs/set
EPS protective strip L 60 x 60 x 820 / 20 3 pcs/set

Polystyrene packaging is produced in two ways:

  • small series are cut from polystyrene blocks (max. block dimensions 1.25 x 1.04 x 3.1 m), it is possible to cut various shapes and complex 3D products
  • medium and large series or long-term projects require at first moulds of the shape according to customer requirements and production is performed by foaming the polystyrene directly in the mould


Flexible expanded foam

FLEXI POR® is a lightweight, highly elastic foam material which has the high ability to absorb kinetic energy. It is much more resistant to impact than conventional EPS polystyrene.


  • it is a copolymer EPS + PE
  • narrow range of sizes of pearls
  • treatment process is similar to EPS
  • homogeneous structure
  • minimum absorption
  • resistant to a wide range of chemicals - acetone, gasoline ...
  • material with low density

The big advantage of FLEXI POR® packaging material is its smaller volume with better protective properties. Products can thus be placed in a smaller box which reduces the manufacturing and logistic costs. FLEXI POR can replace packaging made from ARCEL and also serves as a possible alternative to the expanded polypropylene (EPP).


  • better structure of the manufactured product and resulting higher flexibility and strength
  • high elasticity - incomparable with EPS, ARCEL
  • very suitable for processing mouldings with requirements for strength
  • less material to protect the product - compared with EPS
  • very good insulating properties
  • very smooth "hygienic" visually attractive surface
  • mechanical resistance and surface resistance - abrasion-resistant
  • excellent deformation properties of the material
  • product attractiveness (colourable)
  • antistatic treatment option
  • 100% recyclable
  • resistance to solvents
  • resistance to impacts and potential cracks produced during product handling

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