Proplast are alveolar polypropylene boards. It is a modern, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable packages made of extruded polypropylene. Proplast is suitable for ultrasonic welding, hot bending, mechanical joining and punching. It serves as inserts, boxes, grids, fixtures, etc.



Proplast is harmless, does not absorb moisture, is easy to wash, and suitable for direct contact with food.

It serves to manufacture reusable packages - boxes, protective packages, layers. It is fully recyclable.

Proplast has high strength, toughness, and low weight. It maintains its excellent mechanical properties, especially the overall stability. It is chemical resistant (against acids, chemical salts ...), water resistant, and weatherproof.

Proplast is suitable for ultrasonic sealing, hot bending, mechanical joining and perforating.

Main Benefits of This Material:

  • no contamination of packaged products,
  • reusable,
  • sterile - at temperatures over 120 °C,
  • high resistance to damage,
  • reduction in transport costs,
  • saving of storage space,
  • long service life.

Typical areas of application:

  • boxes, stackable boxes, and protective packaging,
  • packaging of agricultural products,
  • packaging of electrostatic products,
  • billboards,
  • medical waste boxes,
  • pallet inter-layers,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • automotive industry.

Technical parameters

Material Extruded Polypropylene
Square Weight 250 - 1 500 g/m2 +/- 5%
Thickness 2 - 10 mm +/-5%
All other dimensions are manufactured in tolerances up to + / - 5%
Finish Options UV resistance
Antistatic finish
Flame retardant

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