Stretch foils replace fixation of goods with strapping tapes or pallet bags, especially for packing of goods on pallets. Manual stretch foils, machine stretch foils, stretch foil accessories. We supply foils in various widths and with elongation of up to 300%.

Stretch Foils

Stretch FoilStretch foil

  • protection against spillage, mechanical damage and weather conditions during transport,
  • fixation of products is performed by wrapping by the foil with the required tension force without thermal effects; shrinkage of the film and fixation strength is achieved by shape memory of the foil,
  • variability, ease of use, low costs, high packaging performance,
  • environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, made of low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with adhesive,
  • replaces fixation of goods with strapping tapes or palletizing bags.
  • mechanical and manual packaging,
  • clear and coloured designs,
  • printable,
  • mesh fixing foils for packaging flowers, fruits and vegetables (good permeability)

Stretch foil options:

  • mechanical and manual packaging,
  • clear and coloured designs,
  • printable,
  • mesh fixing foils for packaging flowers, fruits and vegetables (good permeability)

Stretch foil Flexpower ElitNEW - FP Elit

Multilayer, ultra-thin stretch foil with excellent strength parameters.

Thanks to a special input material and top production technology the FP Elit foil has superior strength properties even at low thicknesses (of only8 mm). The foil will not tear on the corners and sharp edges and safely protects the packaged goods during transport and storage.

Moreover, thanks to its low thickness, you will consume much lower amounts of foil, thus saving not only the environment (producing less waste), but also reducing the costs of packaging goods.

Thickness (µm) Width (mm) Elongation
8 500 60%

Stretch foil for manual packaging (T-FLEXI®)

Goods fixation in plants with small packaging capacity, used for packing of various products or goods with irregular shapes. Weight, mechanical properties and dimensions of the foil are adjusted for manual handling.
For manual application we supply various types of manual unwinding tools.

Specification of fixation foils

Thickness (µm) Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Width (mm)
23 500 17 500
20 100 15 500
20 450 12 500
20 500

Stretch foil for machine packaging (T-FLEXI®)

Application in operation with large packaging volumes using special wrapping machines. Fixation of stretchable foils for machinery packaging have high winding volumes and high elongation properties which the stretch wrapping machines can optimally utilize.

Elongation of fixation foils

Fixation foil is produced in three elongation variants (e.g. elongation of 150% means that 1 m of foil can be stretched by up to 150%, i.e. to 2.5 m)

Technical specifications of fixation foils for machine packaging (T-FLEXI®)

Type Thickness (µm) Width (mm) Winding length (m) Weight (kg) Elongation
S 17 500 1800 17 150%
S 20 500 1700 17
S 23 500 1500 17
S 30 500 1100 17
S 35 500 850 17
E 12 500 2200 17 až 270%
E 15 500 2000 17
E 17 500 1800 17
E 20 500 1700 17
E 23 500 1500 17
E 30 500 1100 17
E 35 500 850 17

Metallocene stretch foil (T-FLEXI®) - machine packaging

High-quality foil of low-pressure polyethylene (LLDPE) with addition of high quality adhesive - Metallocene. Extraordinary increase in strength even under intensive foil stretching, packaging on high-capacity lines or with difficult transport of the packaged products. Highly resistant to tearing.

Type Thickness (µm) Width (mm) Winding length (m) Weight (kg) Elongation
M 17 500 1800 17 300%
M 20 500 1700 17
M 23 500 1500 17
M 30 500 1100 17

CLEVER Stretch Foil

Our ultra-thin 9 micron stretch foil ensures high quality and better mechanical properties than standard types of stretch foil. High technological standard of production of ultra-thin foil guarantees excellent resistance to impact or rupture, without sacrificing its strength and elongation. Thanks to the above thickness and properties it is very easy to apply.

  • low thickness offers reduced packaging material consumption by up to 50% compared to the other standard types of foils on offer,
  • Clever foil is an excellent product, which is demonstrated by the quality / price ratio,
  • for manual packaging within dimensions of 450 mm x 600 m,
  • for machine packaging within dimensions of 500 mm x 3500 m.

Meshed Stretch Foil

Meshed Stretch FoilMesh fixing foils are the best solution for packing of goods that need not only fixation, but also air permeability due to poor evaporation of water vapour, internal moisture or overheating. Thanks to air circulation it prevents dry-shrinkage or spoilage of food, maintains a stable temperature inside the packed pallets, crates or boxes. Simple application is another advantages of mesh foil. The overall lower weight of the foil over the standard film can result in great price savings.

  • foil for manual and machine packaging.
  • supplied thicknesses: 5 micron (elongation of up to 30%), 9 micron (elongation of up to 60%), 11 micron (elongation of up to 150% ), 15 micron (elongation of up to 300%).

Cover Foil

Cover foils are used to cover the top surface of a pallet with the fixation of stretch foil. This product protects against moisture, dust ingress and mechanical damage.

Technical specifications of cover foil

  • width: 1200 mm
  • length: 1600 mm
  • thickness: 40 µm
  • number of pieces / roll: 250

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