SUNFLEX Floor Foils

Heat-reflective foil today is widely used in building insulation systems. In the structure under a floating floor, under floor heating, behind radiators or the heating elements. Heat-reflective SUNFLEX foil reflects thermal radiation back into the room, thus reducing heat loss and increasing the efficiency of heating. SUNFLEX foils save you money.

Use of SUNFLEX floor foils


Reflective foil under floor heatingSUNFLEX Floor PRO

In the case of underfloor heating, the heat is conducted not only towards the heated space, but also in the opposite direction, into the floor. SUNFLEX Floor PRO underlay foil for floor heating reduces heating of the area below the heat-conducting pipes and reflects the heat back into the living space. The foil improves transversal conduction of heat upwards and sideways thus enabling a uniform temperature of the floor. It can be used as an expansion pad when it is rolled up in the corners towards the wall. SUNFLEX Floor Plus Foil can also be used for insulation of water and heating pipes or the insulation of air-conditioning, as well as the application of foil behind radiators.

Using foil SUNFLEX Floor PRO we increase the efficiency of the underfloor heating by up to 10 % and reduce losses towards the floor by up to 20 %.

Advantages of SUNFLEX Floor PRO foil:

  • reflects 92% of the thermal radiation back into the heated space
  • impermeable for vapour
  • acts as thermal insulator
  • resistant to chemicals
  • reduces walking noise by 18 to 19 dB
  • long service life
  • serves as a separating foil


Underlying SUNFLEX Floor PRO for floor heating is laid with the reflective side facing down on the polystyrene substrate between the reflective layer and the heating pipes. This will create an air gap that will support reflective effects. The foil can be easily cut with scissors to the desired size. It also serves as a separation barrier against leakage of the concrete layer between the insulation and formation of thermal bridges.


Reflective foil for use under floating and wood floorsSUNFLEX Foam

Polyethylene foam foils are an excellent solution for levelling uneven substrates for floating floors, slabs or strips of hardwood. The reflective layer reflects heat back into the heated space and significantly reduces heat loss through the floor. Reflective foil capabilities:

Advantages of SUNFLEX Foam:

  • Efficient reflecting of heat back into the heated room
  • easy handling with rolls
  • significantly reduces walking noise (by 17 dB)
  • resistance to chemicals and moulds
  • levels uneven floors
  • moisture insulation


SUNFLEX Foam underlay is laid directly on the concrete surface with the reflective side facing upwards. It can be easily cut with scissors or a knife. Increased resistance to moisture is attained by taping the joints with adhesive tape. Very good thermal insulation properties can be achieved by its use below wooden floorboards. In this case the foil is placed under the mounting grid with the reflective layer on top so the gap between the foil and the floor is preserved. This significantly improves the thermal insulation properties.

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