SUNFLEX Roof Foils

Heat-reflective foil today is widely used in building insulation systems. The most common use remains in roofs. The vast majority of houses have pitched roofs with attics below.

Construction foilConstruction foil

What is now most commonly used in the roofs? The following composition of roof layers: roof tile - battens – counter battens - waterproofing membrane - thermal insulation - vapour film - internal lining. The simplicity lies in the fact that we do not add the heat-reflective foil to the roof as an additional layer, but replace the already existing materials, respectively we provide these materials with added value - heat-reflective properties.

SUNFLEX roof foil

  1. SUNFLEX Contact diffuse reflective membrane
  2. SUNFLEX ® Plus Roof-In vapour-tight reflective foil

SUNFLEX Contact PRO foilsSUNFLEX Contact

SUNFLEX super diffusion safety waterproofing membrane. Contact PRO with AL outer reflective layer combines the excellent ability to reflect heat of SUNFLEX products with high permeability. A reflective metallized layer in summer effectively protects against radiant heat. Special three-layer technology,due to its high permeability, allows for the perfect venting of water vapour from the roof structure while effectively preventing the ingress of rain water into the building.

Advantages of SUNFLEX® Contact PRO foil:

  • reflects up to 95 % of thermal solar radiation
  • high strength, durability and resistance to stepping through
  • high permeability to water vapour
  • quality waterproofing membrane
  • UV resistance for a period of 3 months
  • storage away from UV light
  • layer composition: AL-waterproof membrane-PPL fabric


The foil is stretched over the framework with the reflective side facing the roofs coverings. Installation can be done directly on thermal insulation, respectively on the formwork. It is fixed to the rafters by means of counter battens. The individual strips are installed with an overlap of about 10 - 15 cm. To decrease the heat losses we recommend ensuring wind-proof design of the structure by gluing of the connections with adhesive tape. For roofs with a pitch less than 20° it is necessary to glue the foil connections in the bottom part at the drip edge.

SUNFLEX Roof-In Plus foil

SUNFLEX® Roof-In Plus vapour-tight reflective foil combines the properties of excellent vapour-tight foil with thermal insulation and reflective effects.SUNFLEX Roof-In Plus

The SUNFLEX ® Roof-In Plus foil is made by lamination of the reflective layer over a bubble foil. The metallic layer reflects up to 95 % of the thermal radiation back into the room. The reflective layer along with the air pillows of the bubble foil air gap between the foil and the inner lining acts as additional insulation replacing up to 5 cm of mineral wool (thermal resistance of the layer with 3 cm of air gap is 1.1 m2 k/W). Application of the foil removes thermal bridges in the place of rafters.

Excellent for low-energy houses and wooden buildings.

Advantages of SUNFLEX® Roof-In Plus foil:

  • 100% vapour-tight barrier
  • 92% reflection of thermal radiation
  • saving of 10% of thermal energy
  • it protects against electromagnetic smog
  • high tear resistance in both directions
  • resistant to the sun's UV rays and chemicals
  • layer composition: polyester / aluminium / polyethylene / bubble film (polyethylene)
  • metallic layer protected from air access + high-quality bubble film = long service life


The foil is stretched below the framework with the reflective side facing the room. The individual strips overlap about 5 cm. The joins are sealed by adhesive tape, in order to prevent penetration of water vapour in the insulation. The foil also needs proper sealing around the walls, roof windows and chimneys with butyl-rubber tape or permanently elastic putty. The foil is over-mounted with wooden balks or metal profiles, to which plasterboard or other lining is attached. The air gap between the foil and lining (about 3 cm) must be maintained to preserve the reflective properties.

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