In addition to supplying packages and packaging materials, TART offers its customers a number of other extra services. We are aware that these services are now as important as the products themselves, as evidenced by the growing number of customers who use additional services.


These services bring a number of advantages to our customers:

  • cost savings on packages, packaging and logistics (transport, storage, etc.).

  • inventory reduction of packaging materials

  • labour capacity savings

  • greater control over costs and their precise allocation

  • access to unique know-how

  • reduced risk of damage to the products

The available services can of course be combined with specific customer requirements.

TART offers the following services:

Export packaging

We offer export packaging from the initial analysis, through the manufacturing of a suitable package and product packaging, up to transportation. Guarantees are a matter of course.

Just in Time

We deliver packaging on the basis of the Just In Time principle (JIT), according to precise current production requirements, and distribute packages to individual customer branches or plants. Sufficient stock is maintained in our distribution and logistics centres.


Kitting is a service by which we deliver complex packaging (often consisting of several parts / materials) ready for use. We also offer our customers packing of their "kits" as part of the service.

Packaging Process Analysis

Is your packing the lowest possible cost? Did you know that low-cost packaging does not always mean low packaging costs? We analyze packaging processes in your company, including relation to other business processes.

Packaging development

Many products require a unique packaging solution. In our design centre we develop packaging for our customers according to their specific requirements and needs, including development of functional prototypes.

Testing of packages

Does your current packaging meet all technical requirements? Is it sufficiently hard, durable and high-quality? Have your packaging tested and protect yourself from possible damage and claims.


In every field of human activity we are constantly discovering new trends, materials and procedures. Industrial packaging is no exception, and we therefore organize training and professional conferences for our customers, where they can get acquainted with innovations in this field.