We offer a wide range of packaging materials and solutions for industrial packaging. We have been an established company for 20 years and the number of satisfied customers are the best proof of the high quality of our products and services.

Our product range is divided into several separate divisions:

Packaging Materials

The packaging materials division manufactures and supplies a wide range of packaging items of different materials and for different uses. We offer all possible kinds of packaging materials: carboard boxes, PE foils, stretch foils, bubble foils, PO foils, strapping tapes, adhesive tapes, PE foam, polystyrene and many other packaging items. We keep more than a thousand items in stock.

Packaging Machines

Packaging machines have made up part of the product portfolio of TART, s.r.o. since 1994. Our goal is to address specific customer requirements, which are satisfied by a comprehensive range of stretch wrapping, strapping, sealing, foiling machines, welding machines and packaging lines, of course together with the supply of packaging materials.

Cortec Anti-Corrosion Materials

Our company is the exclusive Central European dealer of Cortec Corporation USA – a world leader in innovative solutions for protecting materials against corrosion. We offer a comprehensive system of protection of products against corrosion, which includes the following: anti-corrosion packaging materials, anti-corrosion preservatives, cleaning and degreasing agents, rust removers, anti-corrosion additives, anti-corrosion coatings and migratory corrosion inhibitors.

Complex Packaging

The long-term participation of TART, s.r.o. in the field of packaging, a wide range of machines and materials, a well-coordinated team of skilled specialists, a wide distribution network and proven technical and professional contacts constitute an ideal environment for comprehensive packaging solutions to customer needs.

SUNFLEX Construction Foils

SUNFLEX heat-reflective construction foils are an excellent complement to conventional insulation systems for buildings, which contribute significantly to the reduction of heat losses, and efficiently prevent overheating of attic spaces in the summer months.

Export Packaging

TART offers a comprehensive solution to the logistics process, especially for companies involved in foreign trade whose products require non-standard packaging and protection. We ensure export packing from the initial analysis, through product packaging up to its transport. Provided guarantees are a matter of course.

Envira Compostable Packaging

Envira® compostable packaging items pose no environmental burdens, as they are not made from petroleum products and after the end of the packaging lifetime they can be fully composted. Compostable packages are a solution for the future.