Packaging machines have made up part of the product portfolio of TART, s.r.o. since 1994. Our goal is to address specific customer requirements, which are satisfied by a comprehensive range of stretch wrapping, strapping, sealing, foiling machines, welding machines and packaging lines, of course together with the supply of packaging materials.

Packaging Machines

Our suppliers are certified manufacturers with whom we have entered into long-term supply contracts and relationships.

We also provide customers with advisory and consultancy services in selecting a suitable packaging device.

Servicing of packaging machines

Of course there is good and quick servicing of packaging machines available, both warranty and post-warranty. Comprehensive and continuously complemented spare parts stock enables us to provide maintenance services with very short lead times.

By purchasing a packaging machine from TART you acquire a reliable partner with long experience in the field, with a team of experienced technicians with the required complex background.

Our range of packaging machines offered:

Wrapping Machines

Wrapping machines are designed for packaging of goods on pallets in a stretch foil. Stretch foil provides fixation of goods on pallets and also protects them from external damage and contamination (with dust, moisture penetration).

This method of product security belongs to the most common, easiest and cheapest.

Strapping Machines

Strapping machines are used in a wide range of applications, from securing cardboard boxes, through various forms of grouping of products up to demanding applications of binding straps for the fixation of goods on a pallet.

Usually the plastic strapping machines use PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyester) straps, which, in most cases can even replace steel strapping.

Sealing Machines

Sealing machines are the cheapest means of automation in the field of packaging, their contribution in economic terms (return on investment), however, rank among the highest.

Sealing machines replace manual sealing of cardboard boxes with self-adhesive tapes.

Welding machines

Welding machines are used for closing (sealing), or manufacturing of sacks and bags made of PE foil.

Shrink Wrapping

These machines allow for sealing of products with a film and its subsequent shrinkage due to warm air in a hot air chamber or a tunnel. This kind of packaging is used in a wide range of products - stationery, toys, food, cosmetics, etc.

Packaging lines

Through years of experience, expertise and professional background, we are able to deliver fully automated packaging lines, including their design, construction, installation, commissioning and ensure subsequent customer service.

Servicing of packaging machines

We offer professional servicing of packaging machines and packaging lines. Servicing facilities of Tart, s.r.o. currently meets the latest requirements in terms of the equipment, diagnostics and quality of the team of technicians with maximum emphasis on customer needs.


Our packaging machines and packaging lines are used for example by the following concerns:

  • Foxconn CZ

  • DHL


  • Fatra, a.s.


  • Automotive Lighting


  • GEIS

  • Hamé