The packaging materials division manufactures and supplies a wide range of packaging items of different materials and for different uses. We offer all possible kinds of packaging materials: carboard boxes, PE foils, stretch foils, bubble foils, PO foils, strapping tapes, adhesive tapes, PE foam, polystyrene and many other packaging items. We keep more than a thousand items in stock.

Packaging Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of packaging items

Komplexní nabídka obalů

Our range of packaging materials:

Cardboard and Paperboard

We manufacture corrugated cardboard packages according to FEFCO catalogue as tailor-made solutions for customers. We make flapped boxes, lid boxes, grids, fixtures, group packages and special packages. Corrugated cardboard packages can be printed with four-color printing. Thanks to the designer’s centre we are able to design, produce and deliver even the most demanding solutions. We also offer corrugated board in the form of sheets.

Moulded pulp packaging

Vacuum formed carton packaging is an ideal protection with a number of advantages. It is strong, flexible and perfectly absorbs shocks or jolts. It is also adaptable and that’s what makes vacuum formed cartons suitable to use for almost anything.

Bubble Foils

Bubble foil is produced under BUFO® barrier brand. Bubble foil is made of low density polyethylene. It is a modern, clean, easy to use and flexible packaging material. BUFO barrier foil is suitable for many packaging applications - from surface protection and interleaving up to creation of protective cushions and empty space packing.

Polyethylene (PE) Foils

We produce polyethylene heat shrinkable LDPE foils, which are widely used in many industries for fixation and protection of goods ranging from group to pallet packaging. Suitable for semi-automatic and automatic, consumer and industrial packaging of various goods.

Polyethylene Foam

Foamed polyethylene (EPE) is waterproof, mechanically resistant, it protects against repeated shocks, extremely chemically resistant and fully recyclable. It is used primarily for protective packaging of furniture, electronics, automotive parts and other products.

Stretch Foils

Stretch foils replace fixation of goods with strapping tapes or pallet bags, especially for packing of goods on pallets. Manual stretch foils, machine stretch foils, stretch foil accessories. We supply foils in various widths and with elongation of up to 300%.


FixNet® Cover 2.0 is a unique solution designed by TART. This is a returnable and reusable packaging system used for fixation of goods on pallets. It is used primarily in the context of in-process packaging and in the internal logistics. In these cases, the FixNet® Cover 2.0 systems fully replace stretch film.

Adhesive Packaging Tapes

Our product range includes a wide range of adhesive tapes for various applications. We can offer adhesive tapes for manual and automatic bonding, transparent, coloured and printed, with various kinds of adhesive and carrier. We are the exclusive representative of Müroll quality tapes for the Czech market.

Technical Tapes

Double-sided adhesive carpet tapes are mainly used to easily and firmly fix carpets to the floor in households and in offices. Masking (crepe) tapes are used during painting and coating as a protection against undesired splashes of paint or varnish. Double-sided adhesive tapes find wide application in all industries, such as mounting tapes.

Strapping Tapes

Strapping tapes are used to fix or tie finished industrial products, individual cardboards or goods on pallets. PP strapping tapes are made of polypropylene, EPP strapping tapes are embossed polypropylene tapes with high elongation (about 28%) and retrospective memory. Polyester PET strapping tapes are characterized by high strength. Polyester (PES) strapping tapes are a modern and environmentally friendly substitute for steel straps.

Polyolefin Foils

Polyolefin heat shrinkable foils Cryovac and OPTI provide a unique appearance of the packaged goods. Due to their exceptional strength, elasticity and shape memory effect they are suitable for protection and packaging of grouped products.


Polystyrene is a lightweight, durable material suitable for packaging of fragile products and components. Besides standardized packages we also offer the production of polystyrene packaging (fittings) directly in line with customer needs.


Proplast are alveolar polypropylene boards. It is a modern, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable packages made of extruded polypropylene. Proplast is suitable for ultrasonic welding, hot bending, mechanical joining and punching. It serves as inserts, boxes, grids, fixtures, etc.

Filling and Fixations

We offer special fixations and fillers used in boxing which protect the packed products against shocks and damage, especially during transport and handling. The Fill-Air, NewAir and RapidFill systems create air cushions of various shapes and sizes. The Korrvu fixation membrane is a foil with high elongation that is glued to the cardboard with a special adhesive. Fragile products are securely fixed with the foil directly to the cardboard by means of an anti-slip elastic membrane. Products can be protected by PackTigerTM (creased paper system).

Instapak Foam Filling

Instapak® polyurethane foam is great protection for your products. The polyurethane foam is injected into special bags, where the solidification increases its volume, flows around the product and fills the free space in the cardboard box in which the product is stored. INSTAPAK Foams are divided by density and method of application.

Teflon Materials

Glass fabric coated with Teflon (PTFE) with extraordinary physical - mechanical properties, especially thermal resistance. Teflon fabrics are used in many manufacturing industries.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is an effective packaging material which is easy to apply and is inexpensive. It is also possible to increase its utility properties by lamination or surface treatment (coating). We also offer anti-corrosion wrapping paper for long-term protection of metal parts.


Flexible alternative to heavy, rough wooden formwork. If you want to safely pack cable drums weighing several tons, coils whose surface is susceptible to mechanical damage, cylinders, rods, pipes or cables - NOLCO-FLEX has proved to be an ideal protection against mechanical damage or other physical effects.

Wooden packaging

We produce a wide range of wooden packaging for transport packaging. Boxes, pallets, flooring and casing. Our packaging complies with international directive ISPM 15.


KLAPPY BOX is a highly durable practical shipping and storage container. The KLAPPY BOX consists of a base pallet, sheathing and plywood lid. Depending on the product transported / stored, the box can be equipped with functional fillings or fixings of various materials (foamed polyethylene, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc.).


GRANBY BOX is a highly durable transport and storage container. The wooden GRANBY BOX consists of a support pallet, body and a lid made ​​of plywood. It is also possible to equip the box with linings or fixations of different materials (polyethylene foam, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc.) depending on the transported/stored product.

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