We produce a wide range of wooden packaging for transport packaging. Boxes, pallets, flooring and casing. Our packaging complies with international directive ISPM 15.

Wooden packaging

Wooden packaging is always designed according to the specific product to be packed, transport and storage conditions, destination, legislative standards etc.wooden packaging

Wooden packaging can be supplied unfolded, folded, or the specific product you can be packed directly (often in combination with other packaging materials) and prepared for transport.

Our wooden packaging complies with the ISPM 15 directive - standard for wood packaging in international trade - and has HT treatment certification.

Individual job orders are approached individually in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our wooden packaging portfolio includes the following:wooden box

1. boxes

2. casing

3. pallets and flooring

4. multiway packaging


Wooden boxes for transport packaging provide excellent protection for products against damage, loss and adverse weather conditions.

The design of boxes is based on the documentation provided by the customer, or uses its own design program (based on Czech packaging standards and using packaging processes based on German HPE standards). The basic input parameters are the weight of the load, the dimensions of the packaged product and the internal dimensions of the box. Also taken into account are the customer's requirements for material, stackability, handling or transport method. Signature for the boxes according to international conventions and customer request is a matter of course.

There are three basic types of boxes, according to the type of material:wooden box

1) All-wooden boxes

All-wooden boxes are wooden containers of the highest quality. Floor and walls are usually made of unplaned boards. Timber used for boxes is dried or with natural humidity.

2) Plywood boxes

The packaging consists of wooden floor and walls, which are formed by wooden bearing parts with plywood coating of different widths - typically plywood of thickness 9, 12 or 15 mm. If required, the structure can be manufactured as small all-plywood (NonWood), eliminating the need for a heat treatment certificate

3) OSB boxes

The packaging consists of wooden floor and walls, which are formed by wooden bearing parts with OSB coating of different widths – typically of thickness 9, 12 or 15 mm.

CASINGwooden casing

Casing or crating constitutes a compromise between the need to adequately protect the transported goods against mechanical damage and the consumption of material used in packaging. It is also used for less fragile goods, as well as a lightweight alternative to air transport. Casing primarily ensures that the packaged goods do not move, and are stackable during transport or storage.

Casing is usually combined with other measures to protect the products against dust, moisture or corrosion (eg. standard or corrosion resistant films).

The casing design is subject to the same requirements as those for the boxes.

PALLETS AND FLOORSwooden pallets

Another means of packaging is using wooden pallets, floors, container floors, truck flooring, various kinds of atypical pallets, etc.

Wooden floors are an integral part of transport boxes, and are also used as a stand-alone means of transport packaging. The basic parameters for the production of pallets and floors include the required capacity and type of goods transported, method of handling, and transport.

We produce pallets and floors of different sizes and made from different materials.

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