Flexible alternative to heavy, rough wooden formwork. If you want to safely pack cable drums weighing several tons, coils whose surface is susceptible to mechanical damage, cylinders, rods, pipes or cables - NOLCO-FLEX has proved to be an ideal protection against mechanical damage or other physical effects.



NOLCO-FLEX is suitable for use with materials whose surface is susceptible to damage due to pressure, it also protects against the weather, including moisture and ultraviolet radiation. It is made of fibreboard, which can be combined with various external laminations, such as PE-paper-PP-woven fabric for weather resistance, with paper coating without PE coating or foils resistant to wear. On the inner side it is possible to additionally apply oil repellent lamination: paper-PE. NOLCO-FLEX consists of individual slats, which ensures its elasticity. It is applied by complete wrapping it around your product and creates therefore surface protection.

NOLCO-FLEX can be used directly in contact with your product without it being damaged in any way by this. It can be quickly, efficiently and safely fixed with packing or strapping tape and easily removed after use. Basic features of NOLCO-FLEX include, in addition to high protective properties, flexibility, strength, environmental friendliness, recyclability and moisture resistance.


  • simple handling – light-weight, about 3 kg/m2
  • dimensional variability - depending on application
  • low material consumption – it is elastic, flexible, and reusable
  • low demands on storage space - special method of folding on pallets
  • easy to apply using standard packaging means
  • absorbs shocks, impacts, vibrations and withstands high loads when stacked
  • flexible - after pressing returns to its original thickness - tolerates a wide range of forces
  • very good properties in terms of damping and load distribution
  • homogeneous, constant mechanical properties even at climate changes and under the effects of UV radiation
  • thanks PE layer it is resistant to weathering
  • environmentally friendly - produced from wood residues
  • non-toxic, wholesome, harmless in contact with skin or when inhaled
  • recycled by composting or incineration

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