We offer special fixations and fillers used in boxing which protect the packed products against shocks and damage, especially during transport and handling. The Fill-Air, NewAir and RapidFill systems create air cushions of various shapes and sizes. The Korrvu fixation membrane is a foil with high elongation that is glued to the cardboard with a special adhesive. Fragile products are securely fixed with the foil directly to the cardboard by means of an anti-slip elastic membrane. Products can be protected by PackTigerTM (creased paper system).

Fillings and Fixations

PackTigerTM - Paper Padding System

PackTigerProtective packaging by means of paper pads at unrivalled speeds. The system creates paper pads in lengths according to the customer's requirements. They can be used as a fixing material, filling material, for consignment reinforcing, etc.

  • environmentally friendly at every stage of the manufacturing process
  • TigerPadTM material contains a high percentage of used recycled paper
  • TigerPadTM paper pads are easy to recycle
  • flexibility - pads can be taken straight from the packaging system or batched into bins
  • this system is also suitable for on-line operations

Check out the video on the PackTiger system.

Fill-Air® RocketTM - air cushion system

Fill-Air RocketBy means of a special Fill-Air® RocketTM machine, the customer produces air cushions in required sizes from the endless PE film. These cushions are inserted into the void space around the product being packed in the box. The air cushions prevent product movements in the carton and ensure its safe transportation. The system allows for storing large amounts of packaging materials without high requirements for storage space.

  • 30 meters of inflated cushions per minute
  • quick start
  • sensors in the identification of cross-connection
  • automatic position control
  • automatic addition sensor
  • patented edge weld technology with ambient temperature detection
  • silent mode option

Cushion sizes:

The Fill-Air® RocketTM system is available in three different widths (200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm) and can be adapted to two different lengths of filling (130 mm and 200 mm), which creates the possibility of six different sizes of filler.

Check out the video of the packaging using the Fill-Air system.

Cushion sizes:

The system is available in three widths. For each width there are two lengths of pre-perforated cushions (i.e. 6 cushion sizes: 200 x 130 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 250 x 130 mm, 250 x 200 mm, 300 x 130 mm and 300 x 200 mm).

NewAir I.B.TM Express System - a system for creating XXL bubble wrap

New AirA fast system for serving packaging stations with a high packaging material turnover that allows for storing large amounts of packaging materials without high requirements for storage space.

Bubble foil (the height of bubbles 13, 19 or 25 mm) is highly resistant to pressure and impact and protects goods very efficiently, e.g. during transportation.

System Specification:

  • machine weight without a roll: 36.7 kg
  • machine dimensions: length: 77 cm, width: 67 cm, height: 46 cm
  • easy operation
  • can be winded automatically on a roll and delivered to the place of application

Check out the video on the NewAir system .


KORRVU Fixing Membranes

The Korrvu system consists of a cardboard body and a film of a high stretchability that is applied to the cardboard by means of a special adhesive. The fragile product is safely fixed by the film - anti-slide elastic membrane - straight in the cardboard box. It is protected against impacts this way. The system provides the protection of the product during the whole shipping, distributing, and handling process. The transparency of the Korrvu membrane allows for undistorted and coloured view of every product.

Korrvu Fixing Membrane application

  • packaging of computer components, lamps, headlights, spare parts for the automobile industry, surgical and medical instruments, bicycle components, electronics, printed circuit boards, telephone and telegraphic equipment, drugs, etc
  • this material is applicable wherever a high packaging standard in respect of safety and design is required

The Korrvu system is also supplied with corrosion protection for products in danger of corrosion. The Korrvu membrane also contains corrosion inhibitors that form a protective layer around the product and protect it against corrosion.

Check out the video on the Korrvu system.

Rapid Fill® - automated filling of voids in a cardboard box

Prevents the movement of products in a cardboard box. The Rapid Fill® system uses less Rapid Fillmaterial than during normal packaging because there is no waste - the main filling is the air. The main benefit of the system is to streamline the packaging process with minimal demands on the number of packaging workers - Rapid Fill® system saves packaging labour costs.

  • dramatically increased productivity - can fill up to 8 - 12 cardboard boxes per minute, compared to 1-3 packages per minute when using manual methods
  • economy - the system saves labour costs
  • excellent product protection - this system wraps your product so that it is perfectly fixed and protected
  • easy to use - the operator inserts the Rapid Fill® bag into the box and the Rapid Fill® system will do the rest

Check out the video on the Rapid Fill system.

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