Envira® compostable packaging items pose no environmental burdens, as they are not made from petroleum products and after the end of the packaging lifetime they can be fully composted. Compostable packages are a solution for the future.

Envira Compostable Packaging

Envira Compostable Packaging

Unlike conventional plastics, which are made from substances obtained from non-renewable resources, such as oil or natural gas, Envira compostable materials are only produced from raw materials obtained from fully renewable resources (such as corn, Compostable Packaging 		potatoes and soybeans).

The main advantage of compostable materials consists in their zero burden to the environment after the end of their lifespan . These materials, unlike conventional plastics, do not contaminate nature with hazardous substances, but return essential nutrients to the soil (they decompose in biomass, water and CO2).

Envira Compostable plastics have a better appearance and higher strength than polyethylene (PE). They are also suitable for storing food - the food sealed in classic foils even after a few hours contain mould spores, which is not the case in permeable compostable materials. Envira packages also absorb unpleasant odours. They are therefore suitable for the sorting of biowaste.

Compostable Packaging