This category includes transport and automation containers, pads and spacers. These panels are characterized by high strength and high accuracy, even in semi-complex shape products. Vacuum formed containers are suitable for larger series of products.

Vacuum formed packaging

Vacuum formed packaging

These packages currently play a supporting role in the automation process. They are characterized by high accuracy and allow for the placing of products directly for easy feeder access. The crates and spacers are manufactured with flat or curved bottoms and are designed so as to be easily stackable. To optimize cost savings during return transport the crates and trays are rotated by 180° and inserted into one another, thus significantly reducing the volume.

Most commonly used packaging materials:

  • polystyrene
  • polypropylene
  • ABS


  • free-standing boxes with integrated fixation
  • free-standing shaped spacers


  • ESD design
  • washable
  • marked with stickers or embossed

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