Wrapping machines are designed for packaging of goods on pallets in a stretch foil. Stretch foil provides fixation of goods on pallets and also protects them from external damage and contamination (with dust, moisture penetration).

This method of product security belongs to the most common, easiest and cheapest.

Wrapping Machines

wrapping machine

Why a wrapping machine?

Compared to manual work with stretch foil, wrapping machines brings about the following benefits:

  • higher packaging quality
  • lower costs of packing materials (saving of stretch film)
  • saving human (manual) labour costs
  • higher speed of packing of goods
  • possibility to pack atypical (especially very high) pallets
  • repeatability (i.e. wrapping of pallets in the same manner with the same parameters)

Wrapping machines are available in a wide range, from simple and cheap ones through semi-automatic devices up to fully automatic lines or custom made special machines with dedicated use. The basic technical design of wrapping packaging machines can be modified according to customers’ demands.

Our priority is the maximum reliability of the equipment supplied, its long-term durability, readiness of service and spare parts availability.

We offer:

Spinny S100 / S100TPwrapping machine

Cheapest semi-automatic machine for plants with low packaging capacity. Also suitable for wrapping pallets with custom requirements for goods fixing.

Spinny S140 / S140TP

Best selling machine in the category of semi-automatic wrapping machines. Very inexpensive, yet reliable, with minimum operational demands. Simple in terms of requirements for operator qualification. Designed for low and medium packaging capacity.

Spinny S300 / S300TP

Programmable semi-automatic device with motorized foil pre-tensioning. Excellent in terms of foil savings, yet affordable. For medium and high capacity packaging.

FP 10 / FP 10-T ULTRA

Economical semi-automatic machine with universal application. Possibility to equip the machine with a premium range of accessories to improve the packaging process (including motor-operated foil pre-tensioning). Suitable for all applications irrespective of the capacity requirements. The device accessories are selected depending on the specific situation.wrapping machine

Spinny S500

Programmable automatic machine for stand-alone installation (off-conveyor line). The operator only places unwrapped and removes wrapped pallets from a turntable. All other operations (including approximation, shearing and thermal fixation of the end of the film) are performed automatically by the machine. Possibility of starting the machine by remote control (e.g. from the FL driver's position).

Spinny S2200 / S2300

Robust reliable machine with a rotating turntable, designed for being incorporated in automated lines with driven roller conveyors. Equipped with a control system, including the possibility to communicate with the surrounding elements of the line. For high capacity packaging.

wrapping machine

Rotax S3200 / S3300

Semi-automatic machine with rotating arm to be used especially when packing abnormal pallets that can not be placed on a rotating turntable due to extreme dimensions or weight of the pallets. Machine with universal use.

Rotax S5200 / 5300

Robust reliable machine with rotating arm for integration into unmanned lines with powered conveyors. Completely versatile machine suitable for all types of powered tracks (roller, chain, plate, etc.). Equipped with a control system, including the possibility to communicate with the surrounding elements of the line. Designed for packaging operations with high capacity.


State-of-the-art machine for packaging plants with extreme demands for capacity, quality of packaging and packaging film savings. The principle of operation is based on the rotation of a ring around a wrapped pallet. Designed for implementation into fully automatic lines with a possibility to communicate with the surrounding line elements. For its operational reliability it is used in the most demanding environments.

Junior R / Meister R / Senior R

Special machines developed for wrapping of toroidal products (coiled cables, wires, sheets, etc.). Possibility to use in applications requiring special packaging materials (in addition to standard stretch foil also paper, PE film, etc.) and the possibility of packaging with two types of packaging materials simultaneously (e.g. paper + PE foil).

R9.42 / R9.62 / R9.100 / R9.140

wrapping machine

Semiautomatic machines for horizontal wrapping. Designed for packaging of long products into narrow stretch film (125 - 250 mm), or to fix bundles or stacks of products in a specified place (for example, at the beginning and at the end of the bundle). For low and medium packaging capacities.


Powerful fully automatic horizontal wrapping machine. Equipped with cutting-edge technology allowing for extreme performance and high quality with excellent reliability of the packaging device. Possibility to incorporate into unmanned production and packaging lines.


Robot with self-travel operating on the principle of circling a standing palette. Power supply with rechargeable batteries. Ideal for packing extremely large pallets or in cases when mobility of packaging device is necessary. Suitable for lower capacity packaging requirements.

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